Wednesday, May 13, 2009

where did the time go

I know I've been a bit silent, so here's a brief update on where I've been and what's been happening.

Well, right after Carnival 2009 in Trinidad, I left for Washington DC to take up an appointment as the Special Attache for Energy for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Based in the Embassy in Washington DC, I jumped into the world of a diplomat with all my steelpan jewelry hanging right on. This new role has meant that I have to depend on my staff in Trinidad and Tobago, and other support around the world to run and grow the business. And so it has been doing well.

The major news is, as many may know, Trinidad and Tobago was the host of the Fifth Summit of the Americas. Long before I went to DC, several pieces of steelpan jewelry were selected as a gift item for all the 34 heads of Government of countries in the Americas and their spouses.

So, big accomplishment for us. Now all the Presidents and First Ladies of the Americas from Canada all the way down to Argentina and Chile have Liz Mannette pieces. This includes, of course, the famous Obamas. Well US President Obama was in Trinidad, but not Michelle Obama. But as far as we know the gifts went with him.

And, I also got to meet President Obama when he was in Trinidad. Of course, I was wearing my diplomat hat then. And I also met US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the US Trade Representative, Ambassador Ron Kirk, US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, and several others of the US delegation. It was a very impressive event. I noticed several first ladies wearing their Liz Mannette brooch in photos of the Summit. Of course, one could not see the cuff links that were worn by the men to determine if it was the Liz Mannette gift. Alas.

So with the Liz Mannette Presidential Gift Set adorning these world leaders, what's next?

The sky's the limit. And we are bringing on a Sales and Marketing Manager soon to handle our international marketing.

As the summer begins in the temperate climates, all the steelpan festivals begin. And we will be right there. Stay tuned for our plans and appearances. This summer we are targeting Europe. Last year we were in the US and Canada. So we're spreading our wings.

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