Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February - a month of firsts for us

This month, I completed my first exhibition at the National Museum and Art Gallery in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Pulling together that 100 piece Collection curated as Oil, Steel, Style, to link the oil drums foundation of the steelpan and reflect it in my jewelry was a task of joy. And the amazing opening event on Feb 6th made it all worthwhile. We had live models in the historic Museum Courtyard, a video depiction of the oil industry and an interview with Ellie Mannette, all with a gathering of art patrons, fashion industry and steelband supporters.

The full Collection was on display and I also launched a new line: The Pan Racks. This line was built around silver and gold two-toned designs of disassembled pan racks or stands, recreated into jewelry. The pan racks hold and transport the steelpans and they represent such a fundamental part of the entire artform in Trinidad that I wanted to showcase this to the world. More abstract forms define this line. Those pictures will be up soon.

Make no doubt, the Museum exhibition certainly stretched me and all who were working behind the scenes, but this is what we need to do to reach another audience of people. here is a link to some photos and coverage of the show on the Ning community. http://steelpanfashionclub.ning.com/

All the photos of the new items will be soon on the site, with links to purchase.
We're still in the midst of the biggest steelpan festival in the world - the Trinidad Panorama and Carnival. For the first time, we had a 30 sec ad aired during Panorama, gave a door prize to a lucky patron and sponsored printed programs for the Grand Stand section at the show. Although the Panorama was last Saturday - with a crowd favourite and newcomer to the big band category, Silver Stars, taking the champ trophy, we are still meeting with pannists who are visiting Trinidad. No doubt, all of them are looking for stylish, fashion accessories to take back with them to friends, family and other steel pan players. The drums of steel in the Collection were created for all of them.

So February was a month of firsts for us; Our first Exhibition, and our first major presence at the Panorama. Now we're looking to reach out to the rest of the global steelband community as they get into their festivals and shows around the world.

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