Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stepping into 2009 with Style

This is a new and exciting year for us.
We ended 2008 with a new 40 piece Collection and now we're starting 2009 with great media exposure in the Caribbean. If you're traveling on Caribbean Airlines in Jan and Feb, be sure to look at our 4 minute inflight video. It should be shown on all 1500 flights by Caribbean Airlines throughout the Caribbean and North America.

This should definitely expose lots of business tourists, Trinidadians and other Caribbean people traveling back home, or going overseas to visit, and the leisure traveller into the Caribbean. Added to this, we are looking to expand our distribution this year into more duty free shopping areas in the Caribbean, opening our own Liz Mannette Showroom and connecting more continuously with our customers, in the steel pan music world and where ever they love the rhythms of the steel drums.

Look out for our big upcoming Museum Exhibition in less than 30 days. Now working on curating the entire exhibition with the Museum asst director. This will be my first such Exhibition so it is both exciting and challenging. I think I can say confidently that this will be the first and only steelpan jewelry exhibition in the world. And so it is absolutely necessary that we do it well.

During Carnival we must project another aspect of our creativity to the global community. It's not just the music of the steel pans at Panorama in the Savannah. It's not just the mas on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. It's not just the calypso. Now, it's the fashion and the style.

So let's keep looking good. Keep smiling at the world and be sure to let us know if you saw us on Caribbean Airlines.