Thursday, June 4, 2009

sending thanks

I just sent thank you emails to all the folks who bought pieces of jewelry in Paris two weeks ago at the PanArt festival. I feel great that I actually was able to get those emails out. Sometimes it's that small follow-up that makes people feel appreciated. And I do appreciate all who purchase items.

Now, the question they all read English. Well. I do hope they find someone to translate for them if they don't.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Steel Pan Jewelry in Paris

It was great to meet all the steelband folks in Paris two weekends ago when I zipped over there for the US Memorial Day Weekend.

This is one of the wonderful things about the steelpan jewelry line: I've been able to meet pan people from around the world. One of the first customers in Europe was Maiko who was my gracious host for the whole weekend. We have pictures together taken at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and around Paris.

And then we went to a pan jazz cafe where Laurent was playing. And we met-up with the guys from Pamberi Steel ORchestra. It was like a big pan lime outside the jazz club. I can't recall the name of the part of the city, but it is a popular liming (hanging out) spot.

I also met Anita for the first time. Andy Narell's partner, Anita, had purchased steel pan earrings for all the players in their all-female band last year. Finally, we were able to meet and I was able to thank her in person.

The Sunday was the PanArt Festival with about 6 or 7 steel bands from around Paris as well as the guest feature band, Pamberi from the home of steelpan music, Trinidad and Tobago. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was able to showcase the Liz Mannette line of steel pan accessories at the festival. Thanks to all my new converts.
I have so many thank you emails to send. Clearly pan folks in Paris like the stainless steel ring for men. And the women liked the chain link belt. Need to ensure they can get access to these in Paris.

I was busy tweeting throughout the weekend, as I am now quite hooked on Twitter. You can follow me there