Sunday, February 21, 2010

Packing. Closing one another unfolds

I'm re starting the blog after a short hiatus. Whatever the reasons; they're not important...I'm back.
Now packing to move into NYC to relaunch. I bought a good deal of grey suits for the Washington DC diplomatic post. Now what do I do with all of them? I think I will pack them and donate them to Suit Up or other such agency to help women prepare for interviews. Maybe even send them to Trinidad, but some are winter suits...hmmm..

Maybe I should take photos of what I have and ask "what not to take to NYC." Need some advice. I definitely will emerge with a makeover in the next two weeks, I believe NYC does this to you. You go there as one person, and viola, suddenly you are a fashionista. Well, not exactly so easy, but this could happen.

stay tuned.

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