Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Collection launched.

The past three weeks have been quite hectic. First up was the finalization and production of the new Collection based on the Engine Room of the steelband. For those who may not know, the Engine Room is the rhythm section of a steelband. It comprises the trap set or drum set, conga drums and, unique to the steelband, an iron, a scratcher, and cowbells. So the new line represented these three unique percussion implements found in a steelband. Most smaller groups of steelpans, or steel drums would not usually have an Engine Room. It is reserved for the larger steelbands.

But in researching and launching this collection, I also learned a good deal about the history of these implements; how they were derived, etc. It was quite interesting and further evidenced, to me, the ingenuity, creativity and innovation of the people of Trinidad and Tobago who invented and developed the steel pan, also known as steel drums.

As a designer with no in-house production staff, there is always a challenge in launching a new collection- and particularly at Christmas time, when all jewellers are super busy. And in Trinidad, it was no different. There was little evidence of the global downturn here. Folks were still shopping and ordering custom made pieces and repairing or melting down pieces. So I had to really be very persistent to have my full collection of 30 plus pieces ready in time for the Dec 12th launch.

And Launch we did. I'm still taking photos of the pieces, so those will be posted on the site shortly -during the long Christmas break, as well as on this blog.

And we had great media coverage for our launch. A feature in one of the local newspapers, an interview on several radio and television stations and video coverage for the Caribbean Airlines in flight video news report. This was great, and so now we're on the brink of Christmas and all are ready to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Don't forget to accessorize when visiting friends over the holiday week. Look smart and enjoy


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