Friday, October 24, 2008

Planning a show with a "Wow"" factor

This past week, I decided its time to do our own show; to introduce new items to our customers, to increase brand awareness and to allow people to understand the philosophy and values behind the Liz Mannette design company.

The National Museum is interested in hosting this event so we can combine the historic traditions with a new and dynamic fashion performance unlike anything ever seen. Certainly, it will be the first fashion accessories display of steel pan/drums jewelry because this line is the only such collection in the world. Other persons have a few pieces, but we now have almost 70 pieces in our collection, and much more if I consider the designs I alone wear because I decided not to produce them (as yet).

So we are looking to do a show with a difference; I want it to have a real 'Wow' effect to have the audience wondering "was this a jewelry show or theatre." Even though it will be in Trinidad, persons must feel that they were treated to a show that could have easily been in New York or London, in terms of the design and performance, though we will have our unique Caribbean, Trinidad and steel pan/drums element. So do keep checking the blog for the final announcement of the date and how you can get an invitation.

It will be challenging and a ton of work to pull it together, but we will have fun doing this for the first time.

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